Extraordinary Portraits are tailored specifically to you and your family.  It all starts with a simple questionnaire.  The questionnaire gives me a good insight into the different personalities of the family, as well as the family unit as a whole.  After I have the questionnaire back, I will arrange a meeting with the family in their home.  This not only gives everyone an opportunity to get to know each other, but it also gives us a chance to talk through the ideas that we want to do for the portrait itself.

On the day of the shoot, depending on the image we have decided to shoot, we will typically photograph each element and person individually.  This is where children shine.  They aren’t being asked to stand and smile along with everyone else.  They have their own platofrm, and are typically being asked to do something “fun”.

After the shoot I will edit the images and sned through low res files for approval and then we discuss the different print and file options available.

Your Extraordinary Portrait session can take place wherever you want, or wherever suits the image.  Most families opt for having the shoot done in their home, for a number of reasons.  Most importantly it’s a familiar and comfortable environment for young children.  While they are not being photographed, they can be off playing with their toys or their siblings until it’s their time to shine.  Also, the family home is a huge part of a family and something that is as much of the family as the different family members are.

We can do the shoot in other locations, some locations will have to be hired out and will incur an additional fee.

Extraordinary Portraits is all about creating one amazing image of your family.  We will plan everything with you to ensure that the final image is one that is truly representative of your family.  Throughout the process we do shoot individual images of each family member and these images can be purchased in print form as well.  If you opt for a digital copy of the finished image, you will receive these individual images as well.  There is also the option to hire a second photographer for the day as well.  A second photographer will document a behind the scenes perspective of the shoot for you.  This will give you images that show you the experience of having your Extraordinary Portrait shoot and come with the digital option for the finished image.

Think of Extraordinary Portraits as commissioning someone to paint your family.  One, amazing image is the result.

The booking fee includes all the planning, pre shoot meeting, the shoot itself, and the editing of the image(s).  After the image has been completed, there are different buying options for the image(s).

You can download a print product pricing guide here for more information on what is available after the shoot.

The average total cost for an Extraordinary Portrait session is £2100.  This includes the booking fee and additional print products after the shoot.

From initial contact through to delivering a finished product is typically 6-8 weeks.  Extraordinary Portraits is all about creating one perfect image and we will meet and discuss plans with you before the shoot.  The editing typically takes between 1-3 weeks.  Once you have placed your print order that will take around 1-2 for delivery.

Yes!  This is one of the most popular options.  This works extremely well as a gift for a boss from their team.  If you are purchasing an Extraordinary Portrait session as a gift we will work with you on different options that you can purchase and we will arrange everything with the recipient.

You can purchase a digital, high res copy of the image(s) after the shoot for £500.  This is a flat rate that would get you the high res, edited copy of the finished image as well as the individual shots.  If you opted for a second photographer, these images are included as well.

Many of our customers opt to have a second photographer as well as a makeup artist at the shoot.  You can have a second photographer at the shoot for £250 and they will capture images of the experience.  A makeup artist can be hired as well for £150.


Booking Fee

  • £500 deposit required to confirm booking
  • Includes pre shoot questionnaire
  • Includes pre shoot meeting
  • Includes the shoot
  • Includes editing of the final image

Gold Package

  • Includes Booking Fee and everything included with booking fee
  • Digital Copy of the Image(s) from the shoot
  • 16×24 inch pro canvas print

Diamond Package

  • Includes booking fee and everything included with booking
  • Second Photographer
  • Makeup Artist
  • Digital Copy of images
  • 30×40 inch pro canvas print


Ready to make your family Extraordinary? We’re thrilled to help you create a family portrait unique to your family and something you will be able to admire throughout the years. We take great pride in creating unique and bespoke family portraits.  Contact us today and let’s make your family portraits Extraordinary!

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